View Full Version : installing kali linux on virtualbox 4.2.12

2013-04-16, 20:06
hello everyone,i am a beginner on linux aswell as vm but i did some research about both of them and i find out that i can run both os(windows and linux) at a same time using virtual machine.so i have installed virtualbox 4.2.12 for windows on my windows 7 (amd processor).but i cannot install kali on virtual box.i have tried both i386 image and amd64 iso image but couldnt get it fixed..can anyone help me with this..please..when i tried to install using both iso image file or dvd it shows a starting option like(install,GUI install etc) but when i select any on these it gives me nothing..what i mean is it just shows up KALI LINUX boot up picture and nothing happens..i am a beginner so i would appreciate any tips u guys can provide me to install kali linux on my windows 7 os..thanks :)

2013-04-18, 05:30
Try the VM Kali Image. http://cdimage.kali.org/kali-images/kali-linux-1.0-i386-gnome-vm.tar.gz

2013-05-18, 13:06
I'm experiencing exactly same problem as 'biki' and would really appreciate some solution. Thanks

2013-05-19, 19:11
Please, check the SHA1 of your kali download. Please, try to download kali from kali download page, it will give you the latest gnome version: http://www.kali.org/downloads/

Just select your flavor and architecture.


2013-05-20, 16:56
Do you think it's just corrupted download?

2013-05-21, 11:14
Downloaded once again, sha1 check sum checked and it's right, however result during installing is the same. Tried to dual-boot alongside win7 but installing failed after around 30-40% without any particular reason. It just comes up as 'installation failed'.

2013-05-23, 06:51
Hey, I was also facing the similar problem a few days back. Then I followed this tutorial - http://techwikasta.com/2013/05/how-to-install-kali-linux-os-on-virtual-box/ - step by step and the os was successfully installed. You can also give it a try. :)