View Full Version : Which Kali "metapackage" is Nethunter using?

2014-10-19, 05:46
Im curious as to which metapackage the kali chroot is using so i dont attempt to install something that already is there. The base kali arm package comes with nothing(like on my beaglebone black) - Is there a special nethunter metapackage in use or a list of everything that comes preinstalled? (nikto, xprobe2? theharvester? SET?). Im sure i could look in the apt cache but it would be nice to know exactly whats onboard so i know where to go from.

2014-10-19, 07:09
You can see what's installed on NetHunter here - https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter/blob/master/androidmenu.sh#L379

2014-10-23, 08:57
Thank you kindly muts! I have a few more questions that are a bit irrelevant to the topic, but i dont plan on making a thread for each of them (id rather not clutter the forum for no reason)

1. Is it safe to install Xposed? (http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer) Should i worry about breaking anything?

2. How do we update? Will we be reflashing or will the chroot image update through apt? Like my update script:

apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get clean && apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get clean. Or will there be a "OTA updater" ?

3. Since the build script uses git to download the sources before building the rom, would it be possible to reference a different kind of android device, not just nexus? Lets say for example, the Asus Transformer Prime (TF201). Or are there things that are nexus specific?

2014-10-23, 20:15
1: You can make just about any changes you want to Android itself, as it is mostly separate from the Kali chroot. Obviously there are rare exceptions! :P

2: You update Kali's chroot just like any other linux distro, but be sure you are in the Kali chroot, or it won't work. It won't, however, update everything. i.e. the Kali Menu option is installed in the chroot, but isn't updated by normal means. If you use the build script to build a new rom and re-flash, you'll be all set! You will lose any data and settings stored in the kali chroot.

3: It CAN be built for any device, but you need to create the kernel for it. Just replacing the git options won't work, as it needs specific kernel config files to work. If you open ./androidmenu.sh and select option [88] I believe, it will build the Kali chroot for any device, but you won't get any kernel features like HID attacks, or external wifi support. You will, however, get the whole Kali chroot where you can use any command line utility that doesn't require monitor mode from wifi, or HID attack stuff.