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2013-04-16, 23:30

When i install Kali in GUI mode, it install properly and also grub loader is install but when i reboot the pc, it gives error.. :(

Welcome to Grub..!!

grub rescue>


So, i open kali in live mode and solve grub problem then is restarted the system then the grub problem is solve but the Kali is open in CLI (Command Line Interface) mode.

How is it possible??

any solution??

and when i install kali in CLI mod instead of GUI, grub problem is solve..

Plzz give me solution...

Thanks in advance

2013-04-18, 05:28
Can you please tell us a little more about your system setup. For example, is this a Dual boot, and are you using more than one HDD? Apple, or surface, desktop etc.