View Full Version : android VNC connection error

2014-10-29, 13:12
Hi guys,

It seems there are some problem with my VNC connection.

I was follow the instruction:

1. set default password within 8 characters and config VNC in kali Launcher ----succeed

2. start VNC service from Kali Launcher ----succeed
my X is 1 so the IP and Port should be

3. connect service from nethunter using androidVNC ----failed
I was enter my nickname
then enter the password which I was set before
IP: as localhost
port: 5901
username: I leave this as empty because I dont know what to put

then I hit connect it shows:
VNC connection failed!
authentication failed

Just wonder did I do something wrong during these steps? any hints thankyou

2014-10-29, 13:32
Sorry guys, problem solved.
I was entered 3 numbers as password, I though I set it correctly but it is too short.
So in Kali Launcher when we press 8 VNC setting and 1 change/add password, we will get feedback for pw above 8 but not less than 8.