View Full Version : Installed nethunter on Nexus5 32Gb - now shows 16GB Memory

2014-10-30, 17:52

I've been waiting long to receive my Nexus5 and install NetHunter on it.
I opted for the 32GB Nexus5, well, to have a lot of space :)

I followed the installation process, using the (very smooth) installer, and everything worked fine.
However, after looking around, I saw my Nexus 5 now has 16GB of memory instead of 32GB.
(It is a 32GB, serial number, and Description on box confirms it well :) )

I look around on the internet for similar issues, found one post of a guy who after flashing his nexus 5 had a similar issue, flashing back to original image fixed the issue for him.
But I'd like to keep Net Hunter ^^, so I'll try and reinstall now, see if that changes anything.

Has anyone faced such an issue before ?
Or similar.

Thank you.


2014-10-31, 08:47
Had this problem on nexus 7 2013. Followed Arnaud-burns fix in issue #36 in nethunter github solved for me. Hope this helps,

2014-10-31, 08:49

I did try the reinstall, following the standard procedure, Kali did reinstall successfully, but still stucked on 16Gb.


Thank you for your answer.
I'll go look this up.


2014-10-31, 16:54

Issue is solved by following Arnaud-burns guiding (from skycrazy reply).
I'll post the most relevant part of Arnaud-burns guide below : (all credits to him)

Ok, it's the flashing process at step 5 which causes this size problem.
:: 26Gb available after the flashing process at step 6

HOW TO SOLVE (or How I solved it for my case)::

Format internal storage from Recovery Mode
Boot normaly > If it's still NetHunter :: Enjoy
If it's stock android
Go to step 5 with netHunter All-in-One
Flash stock
After booting up, go to "system > backup > factory reset > erase the phone"
After rebooting, you should see again 26gb memory
Flash NetHunter at step 6

You can find the full issue tracker on the nethunter github by searching for Nexus 32GB

2014-10-31, 20:19
no worries, hope it solves your problem.