View Full Version : Kali Linux Nethunter first test with TL-WN722N

2014-11-19, 23:33
This is my first test with Kali Linux Nethunter (Nexus 7 2013).

It works, like you can see:


TL-WN722N is wlan1!


2014-11-25, 18:49
nice video.

I'm using the same TPlink card and Nexus 7 model and with mostly the same results. it comes up as py0 when monitor mode in wifite, but thats not a big deal. it functions well and is stable; but it is obviously and disappointingly not an awus036h which makes using a higher db gain antenna pretty negligible. I have sometimes been using belkin F5D8051 wireless G mimo usb (it was a freebie). it's a somewhat odd 2 piece adapter that has a base with a cord so it doesn't keep the body of the adapter so close to the nexus and the realtek chipset is rt8189 and works "ok".

my question though is; can you discribe how you have your vnc chroot configured? I realize the video playback is a bit accellerated to not be boring,etc. but it still seems to be much smoother than my configuration by a long shot. mine is more "twitchy" for lack of a better description.


2014-11-25, 23:39
fneagle, awesome video, thanks!

2014-11-26, 01:46
Great video..thinking about getting Nethunter soon :D

2014-11-26, 10:13
Nice video ,thanks