View Full Version : DVD Boot doesnt work

2013-04-17, 11:14
English is not my native language, sorry for mistakes.
I downloaded Linux Kali, burned it (file i downloaded from officual source, not extracted before - i mean i burned ISO file) with PowerISO at 2.4 speed on sony dvd. I set boot on DVD ROM in BIOS. I turn notebook on and there is only _ sign blinking for a while (i think thats the moment when bios want to load system), and then it disappears and Win 7 starts to boot. My unit is HP Pavilion G6 with Win 7, i have similar issue with BT5R3
edit: i forgot to add that file is not corrupted, my processor is: AMD Turion II P560, i have i386 version of kali

2013-04-18, 05:25
This usually happens if the iso download is corrupt (which you said isn't) or the DVD-media you are using is bad. I recommend try using a different brand of dvd (I've always had success with sony and samsung brands - memorex not so much) . Also, it could be something as simple as the lens on your drive may be dirty, using a lens cloth to clean might help if that is the issue. If all else fails, go with a USB boot (My preferred method ;)