View Full Version : Flashing new builds of nethunter?

2014-12-01, 07:19
I'm on my phone so I need to be brief. I just built an image for my n7 2012, or can I flash it over my current install? Really really great stuff BTW, literally the only reason I bought my n7.

2014-12-02, 12:43
Not sure i understand the question, but sounds like it might already be answered in http://nethunter.com/faq or in these forums.

2014-12-03, 18:23
Not sure if this what C1M7 was asking or not, but I've been wondering. When it comes time to update Nethunter (or if you install default Nethunter and then build your own version later) what is the update process? Just flash the new zip like when installing fresh? Or do you need to wipe/delete Nethunter in any way?

If you just flash new Nethunter zip when Nethunter was previously installed, does the chroot get replaced or merged in some way?

2014-12-03, 22:30
You can flash a newer version of NH over an older one. Your chroot will get wiped and replaced with a newer one.

2014-12-05, 04:06
Haha sorry I was half asleep when I wrote that the other night. But yes I was asking about upgrading to a newer version from a github build. So will it erase everything saved in my chroot as well? I.e. MSF data, my vnc desktop, ect?

2015-01-22, 12:51
I too have this same question, as i have a quite old version(around when it was first released) on my hammerhead and keep getting bug reports and apps crashing. While this is no biggy, i would like to update my chroot.


[1] Build All - Kali rootfs and Kernel (AOSP/STOCK) (Android 4.4+)

This the right option? Will this just swap out the chroot and kernel, but not the actual rom? When it says PLACE ROM HERE do we need to actually place a stock/rooted nexus rom in there or because i already have the nethunter rom, will it just replace the chroot and kernel? I hope my confusion isnt..frustrating, the git page and faq arent very clear. I just really do not want to brick my nexus, so now that i have it installed im a bit paranoid to do anything with flashing.

2015-01-24, 14:26
You "should" be able to just reflash the update.zip file generated by the script over your current installation. I've read reports of people doing this and it working for them, although I always start fresh.

The installer will remove any previous version of the chroot. I suggest backing up your device/chroot though before flashing. You can go into recovery (TWRP) and run a backup there. Then flash the zip file update.zip that is generated by nethunter script.

Always backup first though.