View Full Version : 32GB Nexus 7 2013 only 16GB seen?

2014-12-15, 22:18
I just installed nethunter onto my 2013 Nexus 7 and my total storage is showing what appears to be a 16GB max when I know i have a 32GB nexus 7? Is there any way to extend the file system to see all the available space because that is a huge waste!

any help would be appreciated!

2014-12-15, 23:42
If memory serves, you need to do a factory reset. That should fix it. You will need to re-flash the NetHunter zip though.

2014-12-16, 22:25
Ah thanks, but some desperate Googling found another thread regarding this. I'ts probably my fault overlooked something somewhere but in case anyone else wants more detail on this check this thread https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter/issues/36

2014-12-16, 22:55
I did this on a Nexus 5, but it should be about the same I would think. You should be able to boot to recovery mode via TWRP (launch the app. go to boot options, reboot to recovery). Go to wipe and format data; when I did this it left me with nethunter installed and just wiped the data partition; the partition reported the expected size at this point. I am not sure how much stuff you will lose; I did this when I had freshly installed NH so it was not an issue for me. I recommend you back up your data partition first if you are worried about it. Hope it works for you...

2014-12-18, 05:40
You lose NetHunter because NetHunter itself is stored in /data/local . You will need to reinstall NetHunter.

2014-12-20, 15:21
I'd suggest placeing a warning to check the storage size is corrent like the one Nexus Root Toolkit has.

Is the Nethunter Installer using code from that toolkit? Some stuff looks the same.