View Full Version : What kind of support have Oneplus One? want to change my phone nexus 5 -> Oneplus One

2015-01-01, 10:55
So i saw in nethunter supported devices the Oneplus One what kind of support get it? so on 1+1 we have full functionality nethunter?
everything is working, like:
-monitor mode with external wifi card
-hid keyboard attack
-charging + otg with y cable
/softwares: metasploit,SET,ettercap, etc.../
What is working and what is not working? Is it a good idea to change my nexus 5 to Oneplus One? For me nethunter is very important.
I want to change my phone because i have nexus 5 with 16gb memory and this is so little therefore i want to change to a Oneplus One 64gb.

2015-01-01, 19:39
We're working on it! :)