View Full Version : Nexus 5 randomly crashes when running airodump-ng

2015-01-06, 20:48

I'm having a problem with my Nexus 5. When I installed nethunter everything was working just fine but since yesterday for some reason when running airodump-ng for a while I get a warning that wlan1 isn't up anymore. After a few seconds the screen freezes and then I see a google boot logo... I've tried using the reset feature & reflashing and it did not work. Another weird thing that I noticed: when I first bought nexus 5 & installed nethunter the wifi channels 12 and 13 were locked (I live in europe and my router is on channel 13). However, when these reboots started happening I suddenly noticed that my nexus 5 was seeing all routers on channel 12 & 13 without any problem! After the reset the channels became locked again but it didn't solve my issue. Any thoughts?

2015-01-09, 22:04
for the problem where mon0 drops it could be that your external wifi adapter doesn't have enough power, i had that issue just have your device plugged to a power source while using external devices.