View Full Version : ElementalX-Kernel compatible with new Nethunter 1.1.0?

2015-01-08, 20:29
I'm just curious whether the ElementalX-N5 Kernel, provided by discipuloosho, is compatible with the new Nethunter 1.1.0 release or the existing NH kernel has some features which are not included in his Kernel but are necessary.

2015-01-09, 10:44
I am not familiar with ElementalX-N5 Kernel, but i suspect it does not have all the kernel patches required to run all the features of NH.

2015-01-09, 12:53
I don't mean the normal ElementalX-N5 kernel, but the one from discipuloosho. He and Binkybear made a new ElementalX-Nethunter kernel, but so far i only used it on 1.0.2 and i just wanted to know if it still works in 1.1.0. :)