View Full Version : first step on nethunter ,what i see

2015-01-13, 15:24
my little review ,
i just tryied succefully nethunter on my OPO64 + TL-WN722N

no probleme for start wifite ,
and succefully tested my network under 9 minutes.

i see my key on screen ,but now after many try i cannot succefully copy key in memory :( copy/paste )

facilitate connection to a network "tested" will welcome
their security,permit or not permitted access to android on the network ...
torrent client compatible with Nethunter?

sorry about my poor english , but all see my idea

2015-01-21, 03:14
flatounet - Wifite should save keys/handshakes for you. Linux has many torrent clients, I'm sure you can find one that works.