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2015-01-16, 01:55
Hey i was wondering if this was possible, so at my school if a teacher takes away your phone they sometimes give it to the principal and he tries cracking the password. he has done this on ios and android, and i was thinking if it was possible that if he were to connect my phone to his PC that a script would run and trash it like a Fork bomb or a drive wiper, would this work or does this fall under badusb. i posted this before and skycrazy had the idea that a script would execute when there was a certain amount of attempts for the pin/password. and if this were to happen and lets say it would connect to a waiting msf listener, how would you configure msf to connect remote hosts out side the network? i know that you can enable DMZ for set and use that to make phishing links but how would use that with msf, would i have to port forward? If some one could give me an example like using the java applet attack in set that would be great.


2015-03-24, 07:52
I'm currently messing around with "Tasker" and "Secure Settings" a bit... as far as I can see, possible triggers are (beyond others):

- USB connection
- Wrong password entered x times

There are many actions, you could take, like turning MTP or ADB on and off and execute shell scripts (from the android environment).

So, what you could do is turning adb on and start badusb, usb-hid-cmd or whatever bootkali takes as an argument...