View Full Version : edit bdfproxy.cfg from Nethunter app

2015-01-24, 00:05
I have been fooling around with the bdfproxy modification to the MANA toolkit and so far my only complaint is it can get a little annoying editing a text file such as bdfproxy.cfg on a tablet. My solution is to add a configuration editor to the MANA config tab of the Nethunter app to edit bdfproxy.cfg the way you configure the HID attack vector.

2015-01-24, 02:13
Thats a good idea. I went ahead and modified nethunter-app on github:

MD5 (nethunter.apk) = 03c703e4c630cd940c89323fcdd2c03d

I submitted a pull request also to merge it into main app. Please let me know how it works for you, thanks!