View Full Version : Wifi TXPower/Regulatory Domain in Nethunter

2015-01-28, 14:18
Fellow Security Enthousiasts,

Recently bought a cheap Nexus 7 to give NetHunter a try, love it.
In regards to prepping things to my liking, i went on to try out my various wifi adapters. (AWUS036H and such)
Got the latest wirelessreg-db and crda tarballs, edited the db.txt (BO entry), copied over the certificates, compiled and installed both, but no luck.

iw reg set BO returns nothing. iw reg get returns EU/00 regulatory domain. So it seemed it was stuck on the 00 domain.
edited the db.txt again, this time editing the 00 domain to allow 33dBm txpower. followed the whole procedure again as usual, rebooted,
Still no luck.

iw wlan1 set txpower 30 returns the usual failure code; iw reg get returns the EU/00 domain with still a max 20dBm for all channels.
My assumption is that the Android regdb/crda takes precidance over the nethunter install, and thus effectively locking it.

Few questions on this subject;

1) is it true that the Android regulatory.bin takes precidence and locks in the regdb txpower, and if so is there a way to go around this?
2) do i need to rebuild the regulatory.bin from within android? would ro.product.locale.region=EU ro.wifi.channels=14 in the android build.prop effect this in anyway?

Any hints or tips in this regard or some small procedure how to boost txpower in nethunter (apart from the various general kali howto's that can be found here and there, would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,