View Full Version : Having a lot of issues getting Mana to work.

2015-01-29, 21:06
So I am sitting here feeling like a total newb but for some reason I can not get Mana to work for me. It will brodcast an SSID but I cant connect to it? I have tried from laptops / phones /tables with no luck. I preformed a fresh install of nethunter and it seems to work fine. I can use the other tools but Mana is a total fail for me.

It has the right interface listed when I start mana and it says starting the attack. All I did was plug in my usb wifi card clicked on the Mana icon in the menu and hit start mana.

I also here people talk about using the web interface for mana in nethunter but I cant find that either :confused:

So anyway does anyone have a clue why this is not working correctly for me on the newest version of Nethunter on a nexus 7?

Any help would be great!


2015-01-31, 20:46
I have found out that you have to add your interface to the DHCP server config in my case wlan1 for the first part of Mana to work correctly. I can now connect to free internet and it works! However nothing https:// works at all not sure why that is.

Here is the DHCPD fix

nano -w /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server

INTERFACES="wlan0 eth0"

If any one knows how to get ssl strip working in Net Hunter or can give me a few pointers it would be great!


2015-04-13, 12:20
Hi Altrez, mana shouldn't be using that DHCP config, it should be using the dhcp.conf that comes with mana https://github.com/sensepost/mana/blob/master/run-mana/conf/dhcpd.conf