View Full Version : How to install Lollipop in fastboot

2015-02-04, 03:22
Well now that I have your attention...the boot.img for Lollipop has been out for a few weeks now thanks to discipuloosho, franciscoFranco and binkybear efforts (my apologies for crediting or not crediting people).

It has to be done in fastboot and the last time I tried this I soft-bricked my Nexus. Can someone walk me through how to upgrade to Lollipop and still have a working Nethunter?

2015-02-04, 06:06
Bro please use Nexus root toolkit--> google-->nrt download-->install lollipop on your phone/tablet--> root+twrp-->download nethunter L image for your device-->move it to device-->install with twrp -->done

2015-02-04, 12:22
okay so I currently have 4.4.4 Kit Kat and Nethunter on my Nexus. I am just afraid of soft bricking it again.