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2015-02-04, 20:11
Please use this information responsibly!

Hello everyone! Stumbled upon post on Xiaopan Forums today, someone made and was kind enough to share a default Netgear WPA password dictionary. He reports about 95% success and I would like to share it! All credit goes to the original poster, I take no credit for it but just wanted to share! http://xiaopan.co/forums/downloads/netgearxx-wordlist-by-gearjunkie.415/

You may have to register to download, but it is well worth it. About 20 million words in the format adjective+Noun+###

Good luck!

2015-02-20, 15:13
Updated with a dictionary!

2015-02-25, 17:20
Updated with a dictionary!

Excellent find


2015-02-25, 20:00
Awesome thanks for sharing, just in time

2015-03-15, 08:16
I made this little program which builds dictionary files for these Netgear's. It joins 2 dictionary lists together and adds a trailing number with 3 digits to make a dictionary list that contains only possible Netgear passwords. It took me about 2 hours to build a 23Gb dictionary with the default dictionary files included. The program is 90KB and all generated passwords fit the format of these Netgears that have the format <adjective><noun>###.

https://mega.co.nz/#!K05CxYxR!v3TE0KOUgCPQ7HTCVJBCtCi8LQT7OHPH0HIvAdG lhtg

Hope it's useful for someone else. I made it as a project to test my learning of Visual Studio.

2015-03-30, 15:30
thanks for sharing!

2015-03-31, 02:46

The link on Xiaopan forum post leads to:

I click "Download", another window opens with URL:

Yet nothing else happens...

It'd be greatly appreciated if someone could please upload the actual dictionary file to an alternative file host?

2015-03-31, 10:55
Works great for my netgear calmcomet511

2015-04-09, 01:00
It is down :(

Can anyone please provide a new upload for this?

2015-06-28, 22:22
wordlist works good!

I put it up here. No registration required.


2015-06-29, 22:32
Thank you for the list, seems to be working nicely. .... now if only i had a decent desktop so it didn't take 4 days to run :(

2015-07-01, 09:23
Thank you for the list, seems to be working nicely. .... now if only i had a decent desktop so it didn't take 4 days to run :(

use an amazon EC2 instance. 160,000 PMKs a second for around $0.30/hr

easy way for us laptop only people to run cracking.

2015-07-02, 02:10
It appears this list got a big update to 40mb from 17mb. I put up the latest version.