View Full Version : Creation of a Multiboot USB that works with Kali Linux

2015-02-09, 21:21
I have to make this quick for now... Long story short and all...
The method I previously posted worked well.. I was thrilled.
Then I found out you couldn't do two things. I was willing to deal with the first.
Kon-boot. No .img support easily with grub2. Meh.. Move on...
This method worked well on multiple laptops, but then I tried it out on my workhorse. Alienware M11xR3.. Grub just hung. Multiple attempts, multiple versions later it left me pulling my hair out. I even tried syslinux, all to no avail.... Then I ran across MultiBootUSB (http://multibootusb.org/) I'm running short on time, but needless to say with a couple tweaks and mods, this package should be ported into kali. If you choose to use it, what it does not do is make the boot flag happen.

On the partition you install syslinux to, you must invoke boot flag. easily done via:

fdisk /dev/sdX
Pick your partition

More to follow tomorrow, I truly feel we need a standard in the community when it comes to multibooting USBs, too many wishy washy methods... This one seems to legitimately work