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2015-02-14, 14:18
Hi, guys
After successfuly got VNC into kali in nethunter. When I try to lanuch default browser, it shows "Failed to execute default Web Browser -- Input,Output error". Is there any solution for this? should I try to install other browsers? any hints? thanks

2015-02-14, 15:02
Hi guys I found the solution and post it here for someone who got the same issue


Web Browser Issue – Failed

After doing a new install and starting up a vnc session, clicking on the "Web Browser" returned the error: "failed to execute default web browser" with an IO error.

The solution was:

apt-get install iceweasel

Refs: http://lostsux.com/projects/thelostsuxproject/wiki/Debian_6_(Upgraded_from_Debian_5_OpenVZ)_with_X_pl us_VNC

P.S. KDE did not work great with vncserver on debian squeeze. There was issues with the graphics and rendering. Changing resolution and color depth did not resolve it. There is a current bug open. Until its fixed, xfce will do. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=608195

reference : http://hatustudio.com/system/xfce-vncserver-855.html

2015-02-19, 04:33
Yea i'm haveing that as well,Thx will give this a try i'll post post back.