View Full Version : Compatible ethernet to usb adapters ?

2015-02-17, 19:53
Hi everyone,
Can you please mention any ethernet to usb adapters that you used successfully with nethunter?

2015-04-15, 02:11
I can only speak to the one i have that doesn't work. The Trendnet TU3-ETG USB3 -> Gbit adapter. I wasn't suprised tho. It works with most *nix, but i've tested it on a few random distros like 'Cyborg Hawk' that won't recognize it.
I'd expect the adapter that https://www.pwnieexpress.com/ sells to work with at least the 5/7's since that's the pwnpad and the pwnphone.

I can't believe they're still charging $1300 for the PwnPhone and $1100 for the PwnPad with Nethunter out. You can get a like new Nexus 7 from ebay/pawn shop for ~100 bux nowadays.