View Full Version : NEXUS 7 TAB: death usb connection and boot loader. plzz help.

2015-02-19, 14:56
Dear kali members,
Around 6 months ago, i hacked my new nexus 7 tablet to put nethunter on.
Now, today: he's death.

I started out with my mini laptop and nexus root toolkit.
i rooted my tablet succesfully.
After that, a few weeks later, my andriod updated itself 2 new versions.
The root program on it says i have to unroot it and re do it.
On my windows i unrooted it and it failed.
After that i messed it even further up by messing with the device manager en de usb drivers.
if i put my tablet on it showes a failed unlocked andriod boot loader.
kali linux does not recognize my tabled, nether windows.
i have now a full desktop instalation and the mini laptop its windows is gone.

so here's the big question:

how do i fix a compleet death usb connection with a failed fastboot loader that only has the option to start, poweroff, restart bootloader, recovery mode.
which in this case only the poweroff option does poweroff. even the touchscreen does not work.
i realy want my tablet back so please help me.
installing a new rom and format my device is not a problem. put the usb connection is the big problem.

here is some detail for my tablet;

nexus 7 2012 16g
1 ram
no working andriod
no working booloader
no working usb, it only recharge the battery.
it was new when i buyed it.

thanks for help.

2015-04-07, 10:16
Hold down the power button untill it reboots.
Else hold down the power button and volume down at the same time until it reboots
Try for longer time up to 1 min per option.

You shoot be able to boot the into bootloader.
From there you are able to use:
Nexus root toolkit from WUGFRESH

Make sure to select the right Device and Android version you want to use.

this has a option Restore / Upgrade / Downgrade
With option Sorft-bricked / bootloop
Use this one.

Hope to be of help

2015-04-08, 14:47
Now got stuf working:
Nexus 7 2012:
Wifi working OTG

Steps taken:
Unlocked device
installed default android 4.4.4
installed kernel photinicgeek groupertiplapia
Install busybox-signed.zip and UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip with twrp don't
forget to wipe cash and dalvik
Installed kali_linux_nethunter_occam_kitkat.zip with twrp don't forget to
wipe cash and dalvik
created a symbolic link
ln -s /system/etc/firmware /etc/firmware (to enable modules to be loaded.)
Restarted the device
In the default terminal
iwconfig wlan1 up
Started Nethunter you see wlan1 in the list as well as wlan0 and pp2p0

Should work fine