View Full Version : aircrack is not properly working on vmware please help!

2013-04-18, 16:27
hi everyone i getting this error with aircrack
after airodump-ng mon0 (i get this error)
interface mon0:
ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: no such device
what can i do? thanks a lot
usb cisco AE2500
thanks for the support

2013-04-19, 18:48
Did you put the card in monitor mode ? Is that really the name of the interface ?

2013-04-19, 19:46
Yes, make sure you're puttin the correct device. (If at all) type ifconfig and the internal wifi of your laptop will most likely be wlan0. An adapter will be wlan1 or wlan2. Make sure to run airmon-ng start wlan0 (if that's yours)
Then airodump-ng mon0

2013-04-28, 14:35
thats the problem i'm using the virtual on my mac and my desktop but either one don't reconize my router so its look like i dont have any
root@kali:~# ifconfig wlan0 down
wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

so i guess i need to set up first my router cisco E4200 any ideas thanks a lot guys

2013-04-29, 10:02
Both replies suggest that your OS either does not detect the network card or you are using the wrong one. As stated above make sure you are using the correct card to put in monitor mode. If not I suggest you give us some more details such as ifconfig output, etc.

2013-04-29, 10:29
if you are using vmware, your card will not be useable if it's not USB.

2013-04-30, 03:44
i got AE2500 linksys
is not compatible i'm trying to install windows driver on kali any idea?
thanks guys