View Full Version : Nethunter WiFi issues

2015-03-07, 17:38
Hi everyone,

I recently installed Nethunter on a Nexus 5 Hammerhead running Android 5.0, at first it seemed to work fine, but now the device is not registering any NICs plugged in through a USB-hub and I'm unable to put the built-in WiFi adapter in monitor mode. It throws the error message: "ERROR while getting interface flags: no such device". Perhaps this is a known issue, or I'm looking over something obvious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2015-03-08, 18:43
Personally dont have an n5, could be totally wrong also. But im not sure any of the built in wifi adapters can be put into monitor mode, due i think to drivers. Do you have an otg cable? Which adapters are you using?

2015-03-08, 19:52
Nethunter doesn't support monitor mode for any devices only for external wireless adapters.