View Full Version : Messed up the wallpaper. How do I restore it?

2015-03-28, 09:44
Hello. I've got this minor issue with my nethunter on nexus 5. Somehow the wallpaper "magically" displaced itself to the right. Unfortunatelly I don`t have a screenshot that shows the displacement on my home screen. I tried to set the wallpaper back to the original state, but the image that I have is too wide and when I set it up, it doesn't look like the original one when I freshly rooted the device.

So I guess my question is: how do You set the wallpaper back to it's original state?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

2015-03-28, 12:10
For the Nexus 5 you can download the wallpaper here: https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter/blob/master/flash/data/tmp_kali/hammerheadwallpaper?raw=true.

Just rename the extension to png and add it to your device.

2015-03-28, 15:25
Thank You very much for the response, binkybear! My problem is solved.

2016-09-16, 12:36
Tried to open the link, but this one is no more working. I have NetHunter 3 on Nexus 6, and can't set the background image, can't even find on the device. I read somewhere, it should be under internal storage/nh_files, but is not there, I searched all folders, but I can't see it anywhere. It fits not to the screen, size is too big, and picture is on the side. NetHunter is working fine, this is not a big issue, but when someone knows the answer, I would be very thankful. :)

2016-09-16, 19:35
You will find all Wallpapers (in many different size) inside the kalifs-full-rolling.zip. You use this file during the Kali install
Open your downloaded zip file and navigate to the wallpaper folder :cool:


Check them here --> https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter/tree/master/nethunter-installer/update/wallpaper

2016-10-19, 10:36
Here's a few mock-ups of the wallpaper that i created for my Custom_Nethunter_Project. there not the originals but personally im not too keen on the Kali blue tint so...