View Full Version : How to use wlan0 with a spoofed mac address?

2015-04-01, 10:49
Hello. I'm on Nexus 5 and I want to know how to use the device's built in WiFi card (wlan0) with a spoofed mac address. I tried to accomplish this this by turning WiFi on and going to Kali Shell in terminal and changing the mac address like so:

ifconfig wlan0 down
macchanger -r wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 up

After I changed my mac address, I couldn't connect to any Access Point. When I tried to connect from the WiFi menu it either said "Saved, secured with WPA2" or "Authentication problem". I am only able to connect to APs after I turn the WiFi off then on, but after I do so, the original mac address is restored...


So my question is: Is it possible to connect to an AP from wlan0 with a spoofed mac address?th

2015-04-06, 00:42
Some research has gone into this and the short answer is that it's really difficult to spoof a devices mac address (depending on the device). Each device handles mac address assignment differently, so enabling spoofing on one device may not work on another. The spoofing is mostly done with kernel changes.

There's a lot of apps that can claim to spoof your mac but they will only pretend to spoof but changing the display output.

To answer your question: it is possible, but not without changes to the kernel. I would need to track down where the changes occur.

2015-04-06, 08:45
Thank You very much for the reply. Your input is greatly appreciated.