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2015-04-03, 12:38
Pixiewps has been released for kali, it would be nice to bring it to nethunter.

2015-04-04, 20:13
Just install it via chroot?

2015-04-04, 20:25
Yes I guess you can install it, but the fact that you have to copy the different outputs from the modified Reaver into Pixiewps might present a difficult task on a phone. I assume you can could build a script similar to wifite to run wash -> select the target AP feed the bssid to Reaver then output just the Authkey / ehask1 etc.. into pixiewps, but unfortunately I am not good at all at scripting. if you know of any edoc or video that might point me in the right direction I could put it together myself.

2015-04-05, 14:05
Without no coding knowledge I reckon this may be difficut. If you have a rough understanding you could probably mash something together.

I'm no expert... My coding goes as far as an icon that when clicked, checks the status of mon0 and if it doesn't exist, runs airmon and starts wlan0 (:

As to using this on a phone, you could use grep to filter out the info you need from reaver, output this to a file then copy/paste this into pixiewps.

The other option may be to build an option in pixiewps to specify a file with the required info in. You could create an output from reaver with this in too!

I'm not competent enough to do this, maybe wiire could comment!

2015-04-05, 15:01
Hey guys, how do you install the modified reaver? When I'm trying to do ./configure it's giving me a permission denied error.

2015-04-05, 15:15
chmod 755 configure
make install

2015-04-06, 07:53
Check this out!


I've not tested it yet but it could be a good start

2015-04-06, 14:21
Great stuff. Will give it a try, thanks Calamita.

2015-04-24, 10:20
you can install modified wifite with pixiewps

2015-05-07, 00:27
I would also like to point to: https://github.com/aanarchyy/wifite-mod-pixiewps