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2015-04-07, 08:46

As the IRC channel seems pretty quiet, I thought I'd drop a post here...

I have a slight issue with my Nexus 5 running the latest version of Nethunter.

When hitting 'Execute attack' nothing happens! The phone is in MTP mode and the machine does detect the phone has been connected (tested on 2 different machines). This happens with all HID attacks including the Rubber Ducky scripts.

The last time this happened I factory reset the phone then used TWRP to re-install the Nethunter ROM.

I don't really want to flatten the phone again! So what I'm asking is are there any logs I can take a look at to try and understand what's happening as there's no other output from the phone apart from the popup that says 'Attack executed' or whether anyone has had a similar experience or any ideas.



2015-04-07, 11:00
Ok -- I've cracked it on one of my machines...

I uninstalled the Android ADB device from device manager and ticked un-install drivers too.

When re-connected in MTP mode, it worked...! Not sure on the second machine I tested this on. I'll have to do some more testing on that one...!

2015-04-07, 11:28
I think, the phone should run in debug (ADB) mode when executing the attack. Not sure about MTP, though. Try and toggle, if it doesn't work.

2015-04-07, 12:23
Now it's working (after removing drivers) MTP mode is enabled and USB debugging isn't enabled.

Tested on my second machine and it's now working there too!! May have been a device reboot on the second machine that sorted it though