View Full Version : How i use wlan1 (external wifi adapter) to connect to networks?

2015-04-07, 11:12
Hy everybody, i have got a n00b question.
How i can connect to network in Nexus 7 2013 Nethunter via wlan1 (external wifi adapter). This is solvable?
The internal is not see the network, i think too long distance, but the external is 50dbm signal strenght.

2015-04-12, 08:39
Hmmm, if i turn off the internal wireless from android, and i power off the Nexus, put on external adapter and turn on the system, the Nexus is think the external is the internal and if i put on wireless scan the external is blink, and is searching for the network. This is quite complicated but work..

2015-06-16, 21:24
how turn off internal wireless ? :)

2015-06-21, 05:29
If you power on the device when the external wifi adapter is on it, you see the external is the wlan0 and internal is wlan1 and the device use the wlan0 to connect network with android system.

how turn off internal wireless ? :)

2015-07-04, 16:32
did anyone here try rfkill switch on embedded wlan0 interface and leave wlan1 active to see what happens ?

2015-07-07, 20:13
i have try rfkill block 2 or 3 and ifconfig wlan1 down ,to disable wlan emblended,and in one situation i have external up and scaning ,and when i have try to connect ,the same thing hapend ,wifi making loop or is option blocked.
so im asking what is the first thing to do when turn on tablet with usb powerd adapter., before scaning,
do i need to ifconfig wlan1 down or rfkill or what ,so i can connect to net with external wifi

2016-04-09, 19:59
I am having the same issue however with an Nexus 5. Already tried to having the external adapter connected from the start, however wlan0 still belongs to the internal device.

Any other suggestions?