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2015-04-12, 10:20
Hi All,

Sorry, maybe this should be two separate questions, but I wonder if the same cause is responsible...

I'm not having much lick with bfdproxy or dsniff...

- I can get mana working: check (required some tweaking of the iptables commands for routing and forwarding, using the provided start-nat-simple-bdf-kitkat.sh script)
- Can see traffic flowing through tcpdump, urlsnarf etc: check
- Confirmed that connected devices are going through the devices 3g connection: check

However, bdfproxy and dsniff both just sit there with a blank window. bdfproxy does seem to have started correctly, but no information is displayed. dsniff is attached to wifi1 but no passwords are displayed when I try logging into http sites.

Any shared wisdom would be much appreciated.

Thanks all!

2015-04-13, 15:27
Update: Problem solved.

Not sure exactly what I was doing wrong, but I think in the process of fixing other issues and tweaking some other settings, this sprang into life. I think it must have been to do with what interface the program had been told to listen on (i.e. -i wlan1), or to do with the iptables routing not being quite correct, or.... and here is a good one... when you run dsniff, these switches seem to be most effective:

dsniff -i wlan1 -mc

for automatic protocol detection and something to do with resolving routing issues with iptables etc.

Good luck all, and thanks to anyone who had started to think about this.