View Full Version : Wifite & aircrack on N7 Nethunter

2015-04-13, 01:27
Good evening all, new here to the nethunter forum.

Before I lose the attention of people I would foremost would like to thank Offensive Security and Co. for creating this fantastic tool for pentesting.

Thus far I have had no problem testing WEP locked routers, however when I try Wifite on a WPA/WPA2 locked router and get the .cap file, aircrack cannot be "found".

The flow is:

Run Wifite

hs/[Name of SSID].cap file created

aircrack-ng -b [MAC address] [[Name of SSID].cap]

aircrack-ng not found

I then change the directory to kali@root and run aircrack-ng, which runs. However, it is unable to find the .cap file.

I apologize if this seems like rambling, but this application has been an eyeopener to me in regards to cyber security and I wish to learn to protect myself and family/friends from those who would use these for..."Other" reasons.

If possible, can someone help?

TL:DR Vers.:

aircrack not found when run from u0@flo directory

.cap file not found when run from kali@root

Both via terminal

Addendum to above:

.cap files are not present or stored in kali-nh/capture folder, which I thought was the default location

2015-08-10, 20:10
Having the same problem. I would like to find the .cap file but its nowhere to be found

2015-08-12, 03:40
the .cap file should be in your wifite directory iirc.

Also I think nethunter console boots default into ash, so you may want to switch to bash to look for longer file names and use more verbose commands, but I forget where I read that.