View Full Version : Nexus 5/7 lolipop bricking?

2015-04-13, 02:32
So there's noises that OTA Nexus 5/7 updates to 5.0.2 lolipop are slowly bricking devices, possibly due to a write loop killing NAND flash lifetimes. Since a Nethunter install does a full factory image flash, are we largely immune from this, or should 5/7 users downgrade back to 4.4.4?


Has anyone experienced this yet? I haven't, but I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to downgrade in the meantime...

2015-04-15, 01:31
I only tried accepting the OTA update yesterday after i saw the new upgrades to Nethunter. That notice has been annoying the **** outta me. It wouldn't flash for me tho. Gave me an error that it was expecting Hammerhead and was getting omni-Hammerhead from the kernel.

So no bricks or anything, it just wouldn't flash. I ended up flashing from scratch