View Full Version : Wifite wpa handshake capture not working for ARM

2013-04-19, 11:10
I've tried with raspi, SS808, nexus 7 and note 2. It is going through the motion of listening, detecting and deauthing clients, but the handshake capture is not happening.

I can only do the WPA handshake capture with fern-wifi. This is consistent with the devices listed here. I've tried while being as close as a few feet away from my routers.

Has anyone been able to make wifite work with WPA? WEP cracking works just fine.

UPDATE: iAnswered my on question. After much trial and error, basically you have to specify to perform the handshake with aircrack.

syntax in kali: wifite -wpa -nodict -aircrack

That's it.