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2015-04-28, 10:13
I think it will be a good thing if we can choose the default app for the keyboard and the shell

I prefer working with Anysoft Keyboard ratyher than hackers keyboard, it is not very painfull to change it but but Iwould prefer have the choice at the install.

likewise, i prefer using vxconnect for the shell, so i can't use kali menu to run into it and i had to run bootkali manualy to run kali into vxconnect

2015-05-08, 08:48
something like aroma installer in recovery

2015-05-17, 11:13
@DeEqualDos - I have mixed feelings on aroma, it can be unstable at times (in my experience). But I do like the options and it does look pretty.

@kibba - The only issue with vxconnect is the app is hardcoded to launch the default terminal application (jackpal) using intents and I'm not sure vxconnect would allow this. I hear what you are saying though, I like having options also.

2015-06-05, 00:33
hem.... interesting idea @kibba , would like to try it soon...

Dark hart
2023-08-26, 05:29
Thanks for your help 🙂