View Full Version : OTG host now working anymore,

2015-05-01, 15:54
I can not connect an usb via otg anymore since i flashed a secondery rom with nethunter (4.4.4)

I have to hold the otg cable in an strange way to make it detect the usb storage device ,

But as soon as i move it again it will disconnect and wont reconise the usb,

The nexus 7 charges fine and when i connect to a pc i can transfer files with no problems,.

Does anyone know how to fix this? and is it maybe cause the otg cable is faulty?

2015-05-04, 00:19
Is this the Nexus 7 2012 or 2013?

2015-05-05, 19:27
I also recieved an error when i flashed the net-hunter image on a clean stock 4.4.4 pre rooted rom (not sure anymore wich error)

Im gonna try to complety factory reset my nexus and seeh ow that goes

I saw alot of people having issues with the otg ?