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2015-05-02, 23:34
I would like to know how the usb password bruteforce attack works and if there is a way to use different wordlist instead of the one included , because when i tried the attack on my own ubuntu pc i was seeing it was trying passwords but only short ones.
So is there a way to customize the attack to make it try longer passwords or to use another wordlist instead?

2015-05-04, 00:18


The dictionary is located @ /opt/dic/wordlist.txt and you can replace this dictionary or modify the hid-dic file to point to a different location.

2015-05-04, 03:53
thanks i will look at it

2015-05-04, 16:25
Btw , how exactly the attack works?, is it trying each password in the list one by one ?because when i launch the attack i see that its going pretty fast on my nethunter terminal, while on my computer it seems to be trying a new password every 2 seconds or so.

2015-05-04, 16:59
Also ,what i see in the terminal when the attack is going , its going pretty fast but i dont see passwords , i see keyboard command like up, down, f16 and all that.

2015-12-07, 18:04
I would guess that as it is using a HID keyboard, those keyboard commands like f16 stand for letters on an actual keyboard so it makes a word from the dictionary file out of those commands. I guess that's why it goes extremely fast on the screen yet only one password actually gets tested on the victim machine every so often.

All the commands are stored in a file called keyseed.py.