View Full Version : Metasploit missing payload after update today :(

2015-05-08, 08:39
Hi All,

i'm getting metasploit error for load some payload after i update nethunter today.
this my screen capture :


please help.

2015-05-10, 00:08
Yeah, i updated today and i'm getting alot of payload/ruby errors when i start msfconsole too. Think it's the same exact thing as you. Hopefully an update will fix it. Something fell outta sync between my NH, MSF, and Ruby.

When Kali 1.10 was released, my previous kali version broke from a similar issue. An update bricked metasploit cuz it was unable to resolve some ruby dependencies. I wouldv'e installed the new img anyway tho...

2015-05-10, 15:40
Exactly same things as yours, we may need to wait for the next update again...

And one more thing, seems the duckscript can't not properly convert the "underscore" to the code, it just keeps treating it as "Dash", but not "underscore", does anyone come across this issue and figure out to fix it?

2015-05-12, 13:30
same issue on OnePlus One running 1.21

2015-05-16, 03:15
After today update,it work again. Sweet :D