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2015-05-09, 16:05
So I started a project to Fuzz applications. I am using Spike for beginners but unfortunately their is not much documentation on SPIKE out there. Can anyone provide any good documentation on how to configure and use spike? Much appreciated!

2015-10-14, 15:16
One of the best spike resources I've seen was a series of tutorials by Stephen Bradshaw at http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/author/lupin/ I'd go through these from the bottom-up.

There's a talk at SkyDogCon (October 24) on fuzzing basics that will cover spike...full disclosure, I'm the speaker :)

2015-12-20, 15:03
Hello, I'm currently working on fuzzing a old, buggy program and through some research I discovered a buffer overflow vuln on an argument of a particular command. What I cannot figure out is how to configure spike to send a fuzz string to the second argument only (send a static, fixed length variable for the first argument, then send fuzz data to the second argument). The arguments are separated by a space, is there a way to set a constant for the first argument, append a space and fuzz everything after the constant & space? I believe the option may be available by using "s_string_variables" and SKIPVAR, or possibly some proper spike scripting on my part but I've never reconfigured Spike this way. Any help is greatly appreciated!

2016-01-08, 18:05
s_string sends a constant, while s_string_variable sends a constant on the first run, then fuzzed data on subsequent runs. You could break up your command like so...

s_string("PUT ");
s_string("constant ");

When combined by spike, the first result will look like this (note the spaces after the PUT and constant):
PUT constant fuzzed_data

The next run will look like this (again note the spaces after the PUT and constant):
PUT constant [fuzz string inserted by spike]

Hope this helps :)

2016-01-08, 18:07
Also, you may want to check out my github page at https://github.com/griddd/SDC2015

The .spk files are for spike.

2016-02-22, 14:10
Thanks for the info! :)