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2013-04-20, 01:52

I recieve an authentication faliure after installing Kali Linux for the first time. My username is in the logon window, but there is no password field or login button. "other" is the only option in the drop-down list. When I double-click that, the username field appears. after entering the username, the password field appears. After entering the password, authentication faliure is the result. I reinstalled the entire system and chose a new username and password with the same results.

Thanks for any help.

Doug J.

2013-04-23, 00:00
Hello, thanks for not answering- I learned a little about Linux figuring it out. Login as "root" for the username and all will be well.

Doug J.

2013-04-23, 11:58
I think everyone knows that xD glad you figured it out though.

2013-05-23, 20:51
I think everyone knows that xD glad you figured it out though.

No, not everyone knows that. And a special thank you to "noseeum2" for solving this trivial, yet eluding, problem. I have scratched my head for hours wondering why I couldn't login but you had the foresight to do it. You should be a moderator.

2014-02-21, 11:36
installed kali to 8gb usb stick using refit and mac linux usb creator2 on macbook air mid-2012. get to login screen - (no option to make own username and password on installing to usb). default login as root, with password toor, just results as authentication failure. tried lots of other combinations, i.e.: default - toor, other - toor, toor - root, toor - toor, kali - toor.

got backtrack 5r2 on hp pavilion dv600, but out of country at moment, so can't make a live usb from that - not that i think that would work for the macbook air without a lot of tweaks.

running out of ideas and can't find anything yet to help. anybody got any ideas?



2014-02-22, 16:49
During installation you were not prompted for passwd?...It should. Otherwisw, you will have to re-install.