View Full Version : Mana AP Dropping

2015-05-30, 23:53
Nexus 9

Android 5.0.1

Kernel 3.10.40-ga86e162-dirty
root@kali #1

Build LRX22C

WIFI Adapter TL-WN722N

The issue I am running into is, when bringing up the AP (doesn't matter if through the application, or through terminal) I get the AP up for about 60 seconds and then it drops off.

During the time that it's up everything works just fine.

I am not sure if it's hostapd that is going down or an issue with mana...

2015-06-01, 20:51
Check the beacons interval (normally about 100ms)
If it's too high or too low maybe it will be hard for you client to maintain a connection.

(if you have airbase cmd in mana)
airbase-ng -i (beacon interval value in ms)