View Full Version : Takes quite long to obtain HID driver on target machine for HID attack

2015-06-04, 03:27
Hello, everyone

I am just wondering, does HID attack have to be installed the driver on the target machine automactically for the first time before we execute the attack?

Since everytime I plugged into the new machine, it took aroud 3-5 mins to obtain the drvie from online windows update before I can execute the attack. and the target machine will also display which driver it is installing as well.

So, is there any way to shorten the time for installing the drvier?

Sorry for such questions above, but if someone can explain it to me, it would be much appreciated.

2015-06-04, 19:56
What device are you using and are you using the OEM cable? I have noticed that if I use a cable that is not the one that came with my N7 and isn't a high quality sync cable, it takes a while to reckonize my device. I even have trouble connecting through adb if the cord is LQ.