View Full Version : how to install kon boot into drivedroid ?

2015-06-21, 07:23
I have the image file but don't we need the EFI files , grldr and menu.lst . will it work on windows 8.1 without the EFI files? Please reply quickly.

thanx in advance

2015-07-10, 09:07
hi agney,

Did your kon boot worked ?? or need any help ???

2015-07-11, 05:30
Yes it worked on a windows 7 ultimate but will it work with windows 8 in UEFI.

2021-05-02, 15:26
Hi... I would really appreciate some help with this too. I have been trying for a couple of days now and still can't get it working... and haven't found what I'm looking for anywhere on the net.

Drivedroid will boot other ISO images. When I create a bootable flashdrive it works fine. I have also tried creating an ISO from the bootable flashdrive that I know works and trying to boot that from drivedroid but sadly no dice.

I also made an ISO image, used drivedroid to mount it as writable... and then tried to install konboot to this device. The installer recognised it... but then hangs half way through the installation.

Any ideas? Would be very grateful. Thanks.