View Full Version : Kismet + gpsd No GPS data found for BSSID

2015-06-25, 20:45
Problem: I am running Kismet to detect AP's and their GPS information, when Kismet ends it says:

Warning: no gps data found for BSSID: someBSSID ESSID: someESSID

and I get no GPS data for any of the AP's I find.

I see GPS data in Kismet, I see the AP's. But when I exit out of Kismet and it does its database activity, I eventually get that Warning message for every AP I scan.
Anyone have a clue why this is so?
I am using a Nexus (2012) 7 wifi tablet, with BlueNMEA 2.1.3, gpsd 3.6, Kismet 2013-03-R0 and a TP Link TL-WN772N wireless external adapter.

2015-06-30, 18:18
you can use this tool on your tablet that works the same way as kismet wireless .
But you must use your internal wifi card .