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2015-06-28, 14:41
I heard that you made kernels for s4 / s3
but then decided that nexus devices is better

can you make for s4 gti9505 please ?

2015-08-27, 11:28
I am Also Looking For S4 i9505.....

2015-08-28, 04:47
Can the KT kernel run with lollipop GPE 5.0?

2015-10-09, 10:26
Any updates ? will nethunter be available for Samsung devices

2015-10-14, 06:43
Um .....


and simply run


Compiled one last night doing another now.

only issue im having is this:

/root/arm-stuff/kali-nethunter/rootfs/kali-armhf/apt.log:ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/fglrx/fglrx-libGL.so.1.2' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

Am going to start a seperate post for this issue shortly. So if you do have an AMD / ATI graphics card just watch and let us know if you had any trouble.

Seems to be making a constant call to it. Not sure what it is or means yet i still got a whole rom out of it. i used the option to compile for all which should be ok for the GT-i9507 as well (Australian variant) may need some modem tweaks but otherwise im confident it will work.

I also attached it to WICKED rom v1.7 which is kitkat it had one slight problem but gives the solution. Whomever wrote the script is a freaking legend.

The only thing holding me back from actually flashing it is the moment i do i will permanently lose access to my gmail because of 2 factor auth tied to phone number i no longer have or can get back.

I would suggest steering clear of CM Lolliflop. it suffers hard from thermal runaway. And generally unstable. I was looking at AOKP as an alternative but looking at the code on Gerritt it seems they are using a CM base.as opposed to the AOSP vanilla from kitkat.

2015-10-14, 19:46
i have tried to day on gti9505 spandragon whit my custom kernel(based on official samsung kernel relese) and work on LolliPop 5.0.2 but i have broken knox now is in testing if work i make one guide