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2015-07-01, 13:05
While you are waiting to get a phone that supports Nethunter here is a simple wifi hack that will get you thru most hotspot wifi login pages using any android phone that will accept these programs.

1. Root your phone. We prefer Kingo Root.

2. Once your phone is rooted download and install.



If your mobile phone will not accept ChameleMac then load diewland.changemac.apk This apt gets it mac address from a text file name profile written to a data folder. You will need a text editor try

Turbo Editor PRO Text Editor v1.14.apk
QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v0.8.2.apk

When editing this file make sure you leave the zero(0) on first line in tact or profile will fail.



Arcai.com's Netcut

NEW!!!! Droidsheep may be superior to Netcut or wifikill as it shows not only the
clients associated BUT activity which indicates that the client may actually be logged on Not just associated to the router.

Requires BusyBox Pro v27.apk to run


Search torrents if you have trouble getting these programs.

Getting thru the wifi pages is usually only a matter of spoofing your mac address to a mac address of a device that has already logged on. Note here we said logged on not just associated to the router.

1. Get an association to the AP.

2. Once associated start either Netcut or wifikill. You will get a list of mac addresses.

3. Use ChameleMac to spoof your phones mac address to the first client associated(not the router) then see if you can get a simple page like google.

4. If you get the login web page try the next and the next till you get an internet webpage other then the login web page.

5. Surf the net

6 We are working on MITM to parse usernames and passwords - will advise

Musket Teams

2015-07-01, 18:14
Nice one , i never though of that .
There was a time that was going to investigate how public hotspot works , but i got very busy and i forgot it .
Hotspots register your mac address on the router , but behind that i believe that the real trick of hotspots is changing the DNS of your ip after mac address registration successfully .
I never inspect that , but if i get time i will work on that .
Router Keygen is also a good choice if you get some AP in their routers brands list .

2015-07-01, 22:55
To pedropt

You will find that your ip will change to the ip of the client you are spoofing when the attack is successful.

In 10 years we have only found one(1) singular access point where this approach did not work.

We prefer using XP/Cain/Netcut combo and have simply adapted an old approach into the android environment. If you want to adapt this further see:

http://infinityexists.com/ Scroll down to Item 24

We are looking for a program that emulates Cain so a MITM attack can be conducted and usernames and passwords parsed


2015-07-04, 16:37
thanks for the info and video .
next month i will be on vacations and i will take some days to try to investigate how hotspot works behind the mac register .
does arp spoof works on hotspots ?
In kali we can use SET to clone the login page of the hotspot , but to do that we must enable arp spoof to reedirect other clients to our fake login page , but for that and to capture the logins data we must not have our mac registered in hotspot , i think .
It is just an idea , i will test it out next month .
Thanks for the tips and for bringing this subject back to my memory .

2015-07-15, 13:12
To pedropt

As we noted at the beginning of this thread we are looking for an android program that can emulate ettercap or cain. As this does not require packet injection any wifi reciever in a rooted android should work.

There is no need to set up a wifi hotspot just associate to the router(you do not need to log on) start a MITM attack and usernames and passwords will pour in. We prefer XP/Cain/Netcut/smac2.0 but kali/ettercap/tuxcut with macchanger probably would work as well.

2015-07-20, 02:18
android operating system security is not good