View Full Version : Update android or no?

2015-07-01, 18:53
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched, but no luck...

I'm due to get my nexus 6 to install nethunter on soon. am I supposed to ignore android system updates once nethunter is on?

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2015-11-04, 18:38

I've the same issue. When i want to install android update with Nexus 6, the smartphone reboot to Team Win, and nothing happen...
Anyone have solution to update android to the last version?


2015-11-05, 20:22
I too would appreciate some clarification about this. same experience as @mwoden.

like OP, i suspect we might be supposed to stay at this version and not update (at least not that particular update). if that is the case, how do we know which updates we can/cant use, and can we dismiss the notification without blocking notifications from Play store?

thanks in advance, sounds like clarification might benefit users like me that are new to android and linux

2015-11-11, 19:10
I also have the same question. I would hate to miss out on any important security updates by not being able to update.