View Full Version : How to remove Nethunter (Nexus 4) ?

2015-07-11, 00:20

I would like to unistall Nethunter from my Nexus 4 and Teamwin. I tried to uninstall all in the recovery mode but it doesn't work: when I start my phone I see the text "Google" but nothing comes...

How can I uninstall Nethunter and Teamwin please ?

2015-07-14, 05:28
I think you need reinstall android, with NRT it is easy..

2015-07-27, 02:45
You should be able to erase the TWRP Recovery and flash a new ROM by following these steps letter by letter.

Back your Device up. Fully. Completely. Always!
Connect the Phone to your PC and boot it into recovery mode
Put your Device into fastboot-mode by either holding down the Volume-Down-Button and the Power Button or simply running "adb reboot bootloader" (The latter method is preferred.)
Use "fastboot erase recovery" to wipe the recovery off your phone, in case you really want to do this.
Use "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" to flash a new recovery, as you might want to have one if things get messy ever after. I recommed "philz Touch Recovery", but that's just personal preference. Be sure to swap "recovery.img" with your recovery name!
Flash a new ROM by using "adb sideload ROM.zip". Again, swap it with your roms name. Note: There might be some manouvering to a menu necessary, I am unertain about that, as it's a bit ago since I last used Team Win Recovery.
Install any necessary addons, such as Google-Apps, Play Store et cetera.
Done! You're good to go.

Hope this helped, mate.