View Full Version : Looking to Build a Sprint Note 3 Rom/Kernel....

2015-07-18, 08:42
I have been just googling the shiza out of how to create a custom kernel the last few days trying to figure out if there would be a simple way of just taking the samsung official rom kernel and using that as a base to just copy and paste what is needed for nethunters rom into that kernel or something along the lines of just starting with the base samsung rom kernel and merging that with the nethunter kernel so i could just bring a nethunter rom to the note 3 with ease using twrp. With what i currently know i would not feel safe just tyring to do what ive seen on a few videos from 2011 thinking something has changed since then. Im wanting to learn more about kernel editing and porting so i can bring this to my device and start learning more pen testing things. Currently not knowing much other then how to use reaver..... woo..... any help is apreciated.