View Full Version : installing nethunter on OPO 5.0

viejo verde
2015-07-22, 14:34
I tried many times to install nethunter on my oneplus one running CM12s without success. Finally, binkybear updated the kernel and I downloaded the git from github.com. I tired several times to compile it, but it stopped midstrream each time even with > 20GB memory available. Finally, I booted into the command line and built kali-nethunter. It went smoothly taking several hours on my laptop. I pushed the update-kali.zip unto the OPO /sdcard/ using nexus-adb and rebooted into recovery TWRP for encrypted OPO. I installed kali-nethunter.zip and rebooted the system. I updated kali and set up hacker's keyboard. The camera and wifi works. Thanks binkybear.

2015-07-23, 06:22
what version you have? /cm12/ and maybe can you try otg y? any bug?
/i have too 1+1 but i use kitkat with nethunter/

viejo verde
2015-07-23, 12:40
I have cm12.0 YNG1TAS213 but no y cable.

2015-07-25, 14:41
thank you for answer

viejo verde
2015-09-01, 15:28
Doesn't work for CM12.1s YOG4PAS1N0.